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Dog Accessories & Cleaning
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Flea Shampoo For Dogs

Have a flea issue? Ignoring it will only make the problem worse so use our flea shampoo for dogs to tackle the issue head on. Fleas can quickly spread to your linens, furniture and carpets, so a thorough bath with medicated flea shampoo can make a big difference. Moreover your pet will feel relieved when the constant itch and irritation of flea bites have been eliminated. If you’re like most people your pet is part of the family, so treat your pets well by having flea shampoo for dogs at the ready for any situation.

Flea Collars for Dogs

Fleas and flea larvae can be easily picked up by pets that travel outside so don't skimp on protecting your canine companion! Our flea collars for dogs are a great place to start. Available for dogs of any size and weight, collars are easily used and create an immediate barrier of protection. And for a double layer of protection, regular flea baths and the use of flea shampoo will really keep pests in their place. Keep your pet happy and healthy with flea collars for dogs, shampoo and supplies from Dollar General.

Shampoo for Dogs

Keeping your dog happy and healthy can take a lot of effort, but Dollar General can make it easier. Since active dogs enjoy the outdoors insects can be a constant problem and we have discount flea bath and flea shampoo for dogs ready to treat your pet when irritating insects get a foothold. Better yet, we also have an assortment of flea collars for dogs to keep them away from your pet. Keeping your pet healthy is certainly important and Dollar General has products and pet care advice to help you keep your dog healthy and vital. Be ready to protect your dog, family and household from fleas with flea shampoo from Dollar General.