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Cat Treats: Healthy Kitty Treats Deals


Cat Snacks: buy them in DG and save money!

Best Treats Brands for kittens

Cats give their humans many gifts, so why not treat them well with cat treats from Dollar General? We offer an assortment of treats that every cat will like, including Friskies, Pounce and Temptations cat treats. Great as a reward or simply as an occasional chewy indulgence, treats are a great vehicle to help you bond with your pet. As a reward during training sessions, cat treats keep your cat focused on the task at hand. And during play, chasing them across the floor has been a favorite activity of pets for years. Treat your cat well without breaking the bank with inexpensive cat treats from Dollar General.

Temptations Cat Treats

Now you can reward even the most finicky cats with Temptations cat treats from Dollar General. Offering a wide range of flavors, Temptations manages to attract the interest of picky kitties everywhere. No matter whether it’s Surfer’s Delight, Chicken or another flavor, Temptations cat treats will have your pet begging for more! And you’ll be able to give them their favorite indulgence without spending lots of money too since we always have everyday low prices. Give your kitty a reward with Temptation cat treats from Dollar General.

Friskies Party Mix

Cat’s love special treatment and you can give them all they can handle with Friskies Party Mix from Dollar General. Fussy kitties are no match for these cat treats, which tempt them with flavors like Mix Grill and Beachside Crunch. Give the pouch a shake from anywhere in your home and your pets will come running. And after they have just one, they’ll be crying for more. Have fun treating your pets with Friskies Party Mix from Dollar General.