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    Four Ways to Better Dine Your Feline

    Make your cat’s feeding time more effective and enjoyable.

    Whether your cat is a finicky or overzealous eater, her instincts may shape her preferences in ways you’ve never thought of. Here are a few other factors to consider in making feeding time more effective and enjoyable.

    Feed Wet and Dry Food

    In the wild, cats get to experience a variety of tastes and textures and get much of their hydration from their prey. There are benefits to feeding wet and dry foods together. Dry kibble mimics the crunch of prey and helps keep teeth clean. Wet food has protein and moisture content similar to a cat’s natural diet.

    When introducing wet food to your cat’s diet, be sure to follow the recommended feeding amounts found on the package, decreasing the amount of dry kibble you’re serving accordingly as to avoid over-feeding. The calorie density of dry cat food  is three to four times that of wet so there should not be a one-to-one replacement. Unlike in the case of dogs where most of them consume the food immediately, cats tend to eat small amounts over time. Therefore, your cat’s wet food should be served in a different bowl than the dry food, not mixing it together. This prevents moisture transfer from wet to dry food and reduces potential spoilage. Start by feeding a small amount of wet food so she can get used to the taste, texture and smell, working up to a normal daily serving. This slow approach will help with dietary upsets.

    When to Use a Bowl vs. Plate

    Your cat's whiskers help her navigate her surroundings, determine if she can fit through openings and communicate her mood. Here are tips for choosing a dish that works with her whiskers, not against them.

    Tip 1: Use a shallow bowl that a cat can grab food from without impeding her whiskers.

    Tip 2: Choose a dish large enough to hold a day's worth of food, with a lip just tall enough to keep the food contained while letting her easily observe the room. Feed wet and dry food in separate bowls versus mixing together. 

    Portion Control: Avoid Having a Chubby Kitty

    Pet obesity  is a common phenomenon — recent reports show that more than half of cats are overweight. To help keep your cat at her ideal body condition, it's important to follow feeding instructions and Purina’s recommended daily feeding amounts and adjust accordingly to each individual pet activity level.


    Content Provided by Purina®. To learn more, visit

    Article provided by Purina

    Dollar General is not responsible for the content above and disclaims all liability therefrom. Dollar General does not sponsor, recommend or endorse any third party, product, service, or information provided on this site. All content provided herein is for educational purposes only. It is provided “as is” and as such, the accuracy of same is not warranted in any way. Such content is intended to supplement, not substitute for, the diagnosis, treatment and advice of a veterinarian. Such content does not cover all possible side effects of any new or different dietary program or skin/coat program for your pet. Consult your veterinarian for guidance before changing or undertaking a new diet or grooming plan.

    If your pet has dietary restrictions and/or allergies, always read the ingredient list carefully for all food or grooming products prior to using. Neither Triad Digital Media, LLC nor Dollar General make any representations as to the accuracy or efficacy of the information provided nor do they assume any responsibility for errors, omissions or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. Special written permission is required to reproduce in any manner, in whole or in part.

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