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    Take Care of Your Whole Self with these 4 Tips

    ways to be healthy

    These days, we’re all trying to take better care of ourselves. Working towards the lifestyle you want is easy with DG in your corner. Check out these 4 tips to help get you on the path to total wellness.


    Tip #1: Start with the Basics

    When we think about wellness, sometimes we overlook the basic building blocks of good health: sleep and hydration.  

    Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to feeling good. Try setting a consistent bedtime and sticking to it. Going to bed a little earlier may keep your snooze button from seeing too much action in the morning and it’ll make you feel better during the day.  

    Your body requires water to function efficiently, so don’t forget to stay hydrated. The general rule is to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for every pound you weigh on a daily basis. Speaking of weight, if you’re trying to lose a few pounds this year, drinking water has an added bonus: staying hydrated can help reduce hunger and boost your metabolism. 



    Tip #2: Get Your Body What It Needs

    Just like you need the right tools to do a job, your body needs vitamins and nutrients to function properly.  

    Vitamins help your body do pretty much everything, so make sure that you’re getting all the vitamins your body needs. Talk to your doctor about whether vitamin supplements are right for you. DG has a wide selection of vitamins and mineral supplements, including DG Own Brands like DG Health® and Rexall® as well as national brands like One A Day® and Centrum®.  

    And if you’re trying to eat better this year, nutritional supplements like Slim Fast® and Ensure® are a great way to make sure you’re getting the right balance of carbs, protein, fat and fiber. 


    Tip #3: Get Moving

    The benefits of exercise are almost too many to list. Not only will getting regular exercise improve your health, it’ll improve your mood and mental wellness. Hooray for endorphins! And you don’t have to become a marathon runner. Start with what feels comfortable for you. Even a 15-minute walk has a ton of health benefits.  

    If you want to start exercising at home, you don’t have to break the bank. Set up an affordable home gym with exercise and fitness tools from DG. Pro Strength has equipment for every fitness level, from resistance bands and dumbbells to therapeutic rollers and yoga mats. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be perfect, just keep moving. 



    Tip #4: Keep Track of Your Progress

    Whether you want to lose a few pounds or lower your blood pressure, keeping track of your health goals can be a great motivator. Start a simple health journal where you keep notes on your progress. DG has a great selection of calendars and journals you can use to track your daily progress and make notes on how you’re feeling. 

    In select DG Wellbeing stores, you’ll find Higi, the free, easy-to-use health station where you can take your blood pressure, pulse, weight and BMI so you can monitor all your health numbers. Learn more about Higi and find one at a DG near you.

    It’s always a great time to start working towards wellness. Check out your local DG to find great deals on products designed to help you live better. And save even more when you use Dollar General Digital Coupons. Sign up today by clicking here or visit the digital coupons gallery in the DG App.

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