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    3 Tips to Eat Better For You

    Dollar General hero image

    Do you want to eat better this year? That’s a goal you’ll probably find on just about everyone’s list of New Year’s resolutions. Eating better is good for your body, of course, but it can also be good for your budget. We’re here to help you get started with 3 totally doable tips on how to eat better this year.


    Tip #1: Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

    We’ve all done it. You get home, you’re starving, and you grab whatever’s easiest – which isn’t always what’s healthiest. This year, do yourself a favor by planning your meals ahead of time. 

    Find a time to sit down and make a menu for the week. If you need ideas for healthy meals, check out our DG Easy Meals. And for those nights where you know life is going to be crazy, cook ahead of time and package meals in containers. That way, you can just pull dinner out of the fridge and heat it up for a meal that’s healthy and fast.


    Tip #2: Find Better Options for Meals and Snacks

    Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard – or expensive. Better For You recipes are here to help you find your new favorite healthy meals with recipes that help you stick to your diet and your budget.

    And to make sure you’re eating healthy on the go, stock up on Good & Smart brand snacks and beverages. They’ll help you satisfy those snack cravings in a way that’s healthy and affordable.

    Tip #3: Track Your Progress

    Maybe you’re trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. Or maybe you’re trying to cook at home more. Whatever healthy eating habits you’re working on, keeping track of your progress is absolutely essential. Smartphone apps are great, but for maintaining motivation, nothing beats a DIY goal tracker posted where you’ll see it every day. 

    Set mini goals along the way so you can reward yourself for your progress. And when you reach your big goal, go ahead and treat yourself. Changing eating habits is a real accomplishment, so celebrate accordingly.

    Check out the DG Wellness section of your local DG to find great deals on products to make this your healthiest year yet. And save even more when you use Dollar General Digital Coupons. Sign up today by clicking here or visit the digital coupons gallery on the DG App.

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