Your Thanksgiving Prep Checklist

Let’s talk turkey: hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year will likely be a tad more stressful than normal. But with a little planning, you can make prepping for Thanksgiving enjoyable and save money and time too. DG is here to help make sure you’ve got everything you need to be ready for this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. Even though this year’s gathering may be a little different, it can still be festive, filling and fun with this handy checklist and supplies from DG.


Everything goes more smoothly with a plan, so the first part of a successful Thanksgiving celebration is creating a plan well ahead of time. A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, sit down and make a budget and list out everything you need from plates, pans, cleaning supplies and more. Decide how much you want to spend on groceries, decorations and supplies. Putting it down on paper will help you keep your budget in mind while you’re shopping.


Once you’ve set your budget, it’s time to make the menu. At the top of everyone’s list is turkey, but what size? The general rule is 1.5 pounds per guest. If you’re having 8 people for dinner, you’ll want a 12-pound turkey at the least. That way, everyone will have enough and you’ll have leftovers for those turkey sandwiches everyone loves. And don’t forget the gravy! DG has a recipe for the Perfect Brown Gravy.

DG PRO-TIP: If you’re buying a frozen turkey, take it out of the freezer on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and place it in the fridge so it will thaw in time for the big day.

Turkey may get top billing but, for some of us, sides are what really make the day. Try one – or several – of our DG Easy Recipes for standout sides:

Green Bean Casserole
Cinnamon-Kissed Brussels Sprouts
Guilt-Free Mac & Cheese
Sweet Potato Bake

And don’t forget the best part of any meal: dessert! Pie is the traditional Thanksgiving dessert, but if you feel like switching things up this year, try one of our easy and delicious seasonal dessert recipes with DG Easy meals.


Now that you’ve got your menu, make a list of all the ingredients you’ll need. You may already have some of what you’ll need on hand, so take inventory in your pantry before you head to DG.

Make decor part of your shopping session. This is the perfect time to switch out your everyday decor for seasonal art and accents. You’ll find inspired deals on decorations for your table at Dollar General. We’ve also got everything you need to create a festive Thanksgiving tablescape including utensils, dinnerware and table linens.

DG PRO-TIP: Thanksgiving shopping can be a bit overwhelming, so you may want to break it up into two trips. Make your first DG run about a week in advance to pick up all the non-perishables and frozen foods that you’ll need. You can make a second trip to the store during Thanksgiving week to get the fresh ingredients you need for salads, veggie trays and other dishes.


The day before Thanksgiving, prep everything that can be done in advance. Chop veggies, grate cheese and get out non-perishables so you’ll be ready to go the next day. Many desserts are actually better the next day, so go ahead and bake that pumpkin pie. Make any sides that can be prepared in advance and refrigerated. This is also a great time to go ahead and set the table with festive linens, dinnerware, decorations and candles. This is also the perfect day to do a deep clean of all the rooms where guests will be hanging out. Mop, vacuum and dust, paying special attention to lampshades, windows and corners where dust and cobwebs tend to gather.


If you’re serving turkey, be sure to start cooking it early enough so that it will be ready when your guests arrive. While the turkey is cooking, go ahead and chill wine and other beverages. Prepare any fresh sides you’re serving such as salad and veggie trays. Fifteen minutes before guests arrive, do a final sweep through the house to make sure clutter has been put away. Light candles to create a festive atmosphere then give yourself a minute to rest. When your guests arrive, you’ll be ready to relax, enjoy their company and give thanks.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Save on everything you need for your Thanksgiving feast with Dollar General Digital Coupons. Sign up today by clicking here or just visit the digital coupons gallery on the DG mobile app.

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