Your Guide To Taking Out Tough Stains


When we see those stains, it’s on. We scrub away. We repeatedly run those problem spots under the faucet. And even then, those marks still don’t budge. Want to find out how to make stain removal even easier? Here are a few game-changing tweaks that can help, especially when paired with True Living Laundry DetergentPacs and Dryer Sheets.

All stains are not made equally.

Various types of food and materials stick to your clothes differently, so they need to be treated differently.

Handling the stain ASAP before it sets.

Once you see the stain appear, use a towel or cloth to get rid of as much as you can before soaking the stained item in cold water.

Adjusting the water temperature.

Cold water works for most stains. However, when it comes to grease stains, hot water will usually do the trick.

Giving coffee stains a little extra care.

Immediately after a coffee spill, try running the stain under cold tap water. Be sure to douse the front and back of the item. Rubbing the stain gently afterward helps loosen the marks. You can repeat these two to three times before throwing your clothing in the wash with True Living Laundry Detergent or Pacs.

Dealing with deodorant residue.

If you get any stuck on your clothes, be sure to brush off as much of the leftover deodorant as possible. You can run your clothing under cold water, turning up the water pressure as high as you can without splashing. Afterward, add your garment to the wash.

Removing stains and adding some fresh scents.

Getting rid of the stains also comes with extra benefits. With the help of True Living Laundry Detergent and Pacs with scents like Midnight Bliss and Hint of Spring, you can also get your clothes looking and smelling fresh.

Getting the post-soak part just right.

After you’ve soaked your clothes, double-check the settings on your washing machine and the detergent label. It’s always important to make sure you’re not adding too little or too much detergent.

Finding the perfect setting.

White, bright and dark clothing each have their own recommended wash settings. Check out the labels on your clothes for the best way to handle each color category.

When it comes to washing out the most stubborn spots on your clothes, taking a few simple steps can go a long way. Try the True Living Laundry DetergentPacs and Dryer Sheets with some of these tips for the next time you need to get rid of any stain.

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