How To Prep a Week's Worth of Meals to Support Someone With Breast Cancer

Some of the most challenging experiences of my life were understanding what I could do as a relative and friend of someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. When a friend shared her breast cancer story with me, I lent a supportive ear.
Then when my mother-in-law was diagnosed, I drew on some of the lessons she taught me over the years about caring for others when they need you the most. She taught me that something as simple as making a meal, washing all of the dishes with Ajax® Ultra Orange or Ajax® Ultra Grapefruit and lending a listening ear goes a long way.

Ajax® dish detergent has been a staple in my family's home ever since I can remember, but it’s now in mine because of how involved Ajax® is with breast cancer research. I don’t just buy it because it strips grease, removes stuck-on food and leaves my dishes sparkling clean. I specifically look for it when shopping at my local Dollar General because of Ajax’s® partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). These products are hitting shelves at Dollar General just in time for October Breast Cancer Awareness month 2021, and will be available while supplies lasts.

BCRF is committed to preventing and curing breast cancer by supporting the world’s most promising research. Ajax® has donated $35,000 in 2021 in support of the BCRF, which equates to 700 hours of research.

My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor and the person who taught me so much about hospitality, which is why this topic is so close to my heart. Since I once felt unsure of how to help, it's now important for me to share a simple way you can support someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Making meals to drop off is a great way to support women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, so let me show you how to prep five to seven simple meals and clean up afterwards with Ajax® Ultra Dish Liquid.

How To Prep a Weeks Worth of Meals to Support Someone With Breast Cancer

1. The first thing you want to do is gather some supplies. I recommended you stop by your local Dollar General for BIG savings on Ajax! From 9/26-10/2, you can Buy One Ajax® Ultra Dish Liquid and Get One FREE with a Dollar General Coupon. That means you can grab the Ajax® Ultra Orange and get the Ajax® Ultra Grapefruit for FREE!

The Ajax® Ultra Orange Dish Soap has 100% Real Citrus Extracts with a scent that boosts the mood while washing dishes. Its thick dishwashing liquid and grease-fighting formula does a great job of cleaning the dishes and washing away bacteria from the hands.* 

(*When used as a hand soap. To wash away dirt and bacteria from hands, wash them for 20 seconds under clean running water.)

The Ajax® Ultra Grapefruit Dish Soap is made with 100% real citrus extract and also has an invigorating, fresh scent!

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2. Next you want to jot down a meal plan before starting. I create my meal plan with a mix of high-protein, iron-fortified and easy-to-digest meals. I’ll often include a light salad-based, soup-based and meat-based meal.

3. Next, I like to gather all of the dishes and utensils that I’ll need. I make sure the kitchen is completely clean and the sink is clear of dirty dishes before getting started. I also like to fill the sink with hot soapy water so I can easily soak and wash dishes with Ajax® Ultra Orange as I prepare each meal.

4. The final thing I do is prepare the meals for transport. Once the meals are cooled, place them in personal-sized meal containers so they fit perfectly in a Dollar General reusable bag.

This is a such great way to support a friend or family member during treatment and not have a sink full of dishes at the end. When a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, a group of us put together a “meal drop-off sign-up sheet” so that her husband and kids were fed. 

What better way to lift the hopes of someone facing cancer than to do something nice? 

This post has been sponsored by Ajax®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Written by Saidah Washington of “Aprons and Stilettos

Instagram: @apronsandstilletos
Facebook: @apronsandstilletos

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