Easy Ways to Prep School Lunch


Make getting back into the school-year routine easier by taking the guesswork out of lunch prep. DG has a few tips and ideas that will make prepping school lunches a snap.


Pick a Time

Set aside one or two days in the week to prepare meals in advance. For quick and easy lunchtime recipes, check out DG Easy Meals or visit the DG Youtube page for ideas - like how to pack a lunch for less than $4!

Plan to Plan

Before you head to DG, make a list of your favorite easy recipes and the ingredients you’ll need. Whether your kids love ham and cheese or a classic PB&J, DG has everything you need to whip up their favorite sandwiches. Pre-packaged snacks are easy to add to any lunchbox. Make healthy snacking a cinch with DG’s Good & Smart snacks, including:


Save even more when you buy full-size bags of snacks like Clover Valley™ Mini Twist Pretzels and Lay's Classic Potato Chips and portion them out into single servings using Ziploc bags.


You've Got Lunch in the Bag — or the Box!

Now that you've got everything prepared, you're ready to put it all together. Classic Smart & Simple Lunch Bags are a great value and fun to decorate. Or if your child wants to have lunch with their favorite character, DG has great deals on a wide variety of lunch boxes for all ages. Pack a little extra love along with lunch by including a sweet message on an index card or use a Sharpie to write a note on a Ziploc bag.


We hope these time-saving tips help make it easy to get back into the school routine. If you want to save even more on school lunches, check out DG Digital Coupons. Sign up today by clicking here or just visit the digital coupons gallery on the DG mobile app.

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