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If you are a mama, you know the cleaning never ends. I love incorporating my kiddos into some of the cleaning - they love taking out the trash, changing the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and mopping up small messes - but the deep cleaning happens when they are at school! And to be honest, its kind of therapeutic for me!

For the deep cleaning, I always pick up OxiCleanTM 3-in-1 Deep Clean Multi-Purpose Disinfectant & OxiCleanTM Daily Clean Multi-Purpose Disinfectant at Dollar General.

Our family's most high traffic areas are the bathroom, kitchen, and mudroom -- so I will often take a morning after school drop off, pour myself some coffee, and get going!

The mudroom and the kitchen are areas that see people coming and going all the time. I like to use OxiCleanTM 3 in 1 here because it kills the

virus that causes COVID-19 on hard non-porous surfaces** - it also smells so fresh and has a citrus scent!

In the mudroom, I make sure everything is picked up and then I spray down the cubby bench and all other high touch surfaces. OxiCleanTM 3 in 1 contains no abrasives or bleach and is tough but gentle! After everything is sprayed down, I spend 10 minutes power organizing. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you set a timer and just go for it!

For the kitchen, I spray down all countertops and the stove with OxiClean™ 3 in 1. It's great to help clean and disinfect my countertops - we had pasta last night and wow, was it a mess! I also scan the fridge and pantry and make a mental list of anything I need to pick up at the store!

Finally, OxiCleanTM Daily Clean is my favorite for the bathroom - it kills 99.9% of Bacteria* and with two boys, the bathroom can be a messy place to say the least ! I always clean the countertops, the tile around the tub that this kiddos like to draw on, and I never forget to do under the toilet seat!

Am I the only person who loves cleaning? There is something about it that is so therapeutic for me! I always feel more relaxed when the house is clean. Don’t forget to pick up OxiCleanTM 3-in-1 Deep Clean Multi-Purpose Disinfectant & OxiCleanTM Daily Clean Multi-Purpose Disinfectant at Dollar General so you can do your own weekday deep clean!

*when used according to disinfection directions


Written By Michelle Rockwell of Dr. Mommy MD
Instagram: @drmommymd
Facebook: Dr. Mommy MD

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