Dorm Room Decor Style Inspiration


Whether you’re studying, sleeping or just hanging out, you spend a lot of time in your dorm room, so make it a space that you love. Style can bring people together, so have fun getting to know your roommate by sharing decorating and style tips. Have fun shopping together so you can blend your styles and make your home away from home feel like, well, home! From comforters to closet organizers, DG has all your dorm room decor essentials.


You can never have too many pillows. Mix and match pillows of all sizes to make your space comfy and cozy.



In a dorm room, sometimes your bed ends up being your couch, too. Make it lounge-able with crisp sheets and a cozy comforter.


Lamps and Lights

Add some extra touches of warmth to your room with lamps and lights from DG.


Wall Hangings

You may not be able to paint, but you can still brighten up those bare walls with posters, plaques and fun wall decor. We've got a great selection at DG.


Make the most of small spaces and give yourself a comfortable spot to land after a long day with a futon or a cushion chair.



When you're sharing space, staying organized is super important. We have a huge selection of bins, crates and baskets that are perfect for storing things under your bed or desk. We can also help you maximize closet space with slim hangershanging organizers and more.


Bathroom Caddy

If your room doesn't have its own bathroom, pack up a bathroom caddy to make trips down the hall easy and fun. And don't forget towels and washcloths. We've got everything you need at DG.


We want to see how you've used DG home decor finds to express your personal style in your dorm room. Tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #DollarGeneralFinds to share your style with us!

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