Egg-stra Special Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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Easter will be here faster than a rabbit can hop, so it’s time to start planning your Easter egg hunt. DG’s got everything you need for your Easter egg hunt plus a few ideas on how to make this year’s festivities egg-stra special.

Stock Up On The Essentials

First, make sure you’re all set with the basics. Be sure to grab plenty of fillable plastic eggs in spring colors and fun shapes. Each child should have their own special basket. We’ve got baskets of all kinds, from traditional straw to cute plush characters. And of course you’ll want to stock up on special Easter candy. We’ve got all your favorites like Cadbury, Reese’s, Russell Stover and more.

If you want to go old school, pick up a dozen real eggs and an Easter Egg Dye Kit. The whole fam will have a blast creating your own custom eggs to hide and find.

The Classic Hunt

Once you’ve got all the eggs filled and ready to go, decide on the best place to hide them. You can set up your hunt indoors, in the backyard, or even at a public park. Many hands make light work, so recruit a friend or two to hide all the eggs, then turn the kids loose and watch them have fun. Make sure you’ve got enough eggs for every kiddo to be able to fill their basket.  

Make it Egg-citing

Want to put a different spin on your Easter egg hunt this year? We’ve got a few ideas on fun ways to scramble the traditional hunt.

Rewards Hunt

Have your kids think up easy, fun experiences that they’d enjoy like getting to stay up a little past bedtime or going on a special lunch date with mom. Have them write those rewards down on small slips of paper and place those in your fillable eggs. Whoever finds the egg gets to claim the reward.

Make It Silly

On small slips of paper, write down some fun activities that kids will enjoy. Don’t be afraid to get creative and silly. Can you do a handstand while you’re singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider?”Or draw a cat with your non-dominant hand? Once you’ve filled the eggs with your wacky activities, it’s time to hide them and hunt them. After all the eggs are found, gather around and have everyone perform the silly tasks they found. It’s a guaranteed good time. 

Scav-egg-er Hunt

Take a cue from your favorite escape room and create a puzzle kids can work together to solve. Fill eggs with clues that lead them from one place to another and finally to a big prize that everyone can share. DG has a huge selection of plush toys, fun games and treats that make great rewards.  

Plush Toys, Candy and Toys

Tag Team Egg Hunt

For this version of the Easter egg hunt, hide the eggs as you normally would then split your kids into two teams. Give them a home base and when you say “go!” one member of each team goes off in search of an egg. Once they’ve found one, they come back to home base and tag a teammate to go find the next egg. The first team to collect 10 eggs wins a fun prize, like special baskets of candy or cute bunny ears.

Basket of Candy

DG has everything you need on our Easter page for a fun and festive Easter egg hunt. Be sure to check out Tips & Hacks too for more inspiration on how to celebrate Easter. Get great deals on candy, baskets, gifts and more when you sign up for Dollar General Digital Coupons. Click here or visit the digital coupons gallery in the DG App.

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