5 Tips for a Safe Summer

Keep a Healthy Home

A healthy home is a safer home. Be aware of injuries and illnesses that could result from house-related hazards, such as slippery floors and spoiled foods. Use rugs with nonslip grips to prevent falls. Avoid food poisoning by storing foods such as milk, poultry and seafood at the proper cold temperatures. For outdoor festivities, fill a bowl with ice and set your dishes into it to keep food cool.

Play Smart

Before letting your kids play on playground equipment, check all surfaces and materials to make sure they are sturdy and cool to the touch. When biking, make sure your child wears a properly-fitted helmet. Also, checking that your child hasn’t outgrown last year’s bike will keep your little one safe and comfortable.

Stay Safe in the Sun and Sea

Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outside, even on cloudy days. To stay hydrated, keep water or FUZE® on hand and drink often throughout the day. When swimming or boating, never leave children unattended in or near the water, no matter the age or swimming capabilities. When boating, make sure all participants wear properly fitted lifejackets.

Avoid Harmful Plants and Insects

Plants such as poison ivy and poison oak can be hard to identify. Know what to look for, and wear clothes that cover the skin to help avoid contact with these plants. To avoid insect bites and stings, use insect repellent before going outside. (Do not use on infants.) Also, know where bugs live. Ticks, for instance, like to hang out in humid, grassy or wooded areas. Long pants and sleeves can help protect you from those, as well.

Go See the Fireworks

Attend community fireworks displays run by professionals rather than using fireworks at home. If you are using fireworks at home, make sure they are legal in your area. Store matches and lighters in high cabinets out of reach of children. Try using glow sticks instead of sparklers to prevent little hands from getting burned.

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