4 Ways to Get Road Trip Ready

Before you hit the road this summer, don’t forget to hit your local Dollar General first. Stock up and save big on must-haves that will keep the car running smoothly, your trip supplies organized and the entire family feeling settled and satisfied.  

1. Grab On-The-Go Activities 

Every parent on the planet knows that license plate spotting and “I Spy” only go so far in the car. That’s why we’ve got tons of affordable games, activities, toys, coloring books and more to help keep the kids entertained – and maybe (just maybe) they’ll forget about asking if you’re there yet.  

2. Snag Snacks, Drinks & More Snacks 

Fewer stops mean a smoother trip and a quicker arrival to your destination. Make sure your whole crew stays hydrated and well fed with healthy snacks, ready-to-drink coffees and more. Try one of our Better For You recipes to make some car-friendly snacks that will be sure to keep your passengers smiling.  

3. Get Pack & Prep Travel Essentials 

Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place with our selection of water bottles, cleaning supplies, snack organizers, storage bins, coolers and lunch boxes. They’ll keep your car nice and tidy for the whole trip, for less.

4. Ready Your Ride  

Before you hit the road, make sure your vehicle is up to speed. Whether you need a car wash or a oil change on the way out of town, DriveMXD products and other top brands will keep your car rolling and your wallet happy.


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