12 Low-Cost Holiday Ideas

Instead of planning big holiday celebrations, host a series of smaller gatherings that are just as fun and allow you more time with friends and family.

1. Turkey taco bar. Keep down the number of guests on the big night, and invite the larger group for a casual taco bar that makes the most of leftovers. Cut up turkey, veggies and salad, and serve with warm tortillas, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole.

2. Soup Swap. Invite everyone to bring servings of his or her best freezer-friendly soup to exchange, portioned into Ziploc® Brand Twist 'n Loc® Containers. Everyone ends up with new recipe ideas and ready-made meals for later.

3. Recipe card potluck. Host a preholiday potluck and have friends bring their favorite holiday dish, along with a copy of the recipe for each guest.

4. Holiday task party. Gather friends to make an assembly line of cookie making and/or gift wrapping. Working as a team leaves more time for hanging out, plus doing it together is far more fun. Light a Glade® Jar Candle in your favorite holiday fragrance to help create a merry atmosphere.

Create a festive ambiance with decorations that bring people together.

5. Old-fashioned classics. Conjure the spirit of holidays past by reviving some homemade favorites like popcorn-cranberry garlands, orange pomanders and hand-cut paper snowflakes.

6. Natural décor. Make use of pinecones, acorns and branches. Use in their natural state or paint in festive hues and glitter.

Lay branches on long tables or counters; then twist and drape with ivy or holly. Pile pinecones and/or acorns in a bowl alone, or with colorful fruit like tangerines or lemons for a naturally beautiful centerpiece.

7. Ornamental additions. Simple ornaments can make festive decorations for any holiday.

For example, plain glass or plastic balls look great hanging from curtain rods or hung on string and lining the periphery of a room. You could also use them to fill a glass bowl or vase as a centerpiece. Or buy in bulk and invite friends over to personalize them — much like Easter eggs — with paint pens, yarn and glitter.

If you'd rather not create new ornaments, select the ones you no longer want and invite friends over for a swap. Enhance the holiday mood with festive treats like hot cocoa with candy-cane stirrers.


Give more, spend less.

8. Giving in style. With a thoughtful presentation, each gift becomes more special.

Add some homemade charm with personalized gift wrap by having your kids decorate butcher paper with drawings or stenciling your own holiday design. Or make the act of giving a fun event by hiding presents and sending your kids on a scavenger hunt. The anticipation becomes half the fun!

9. Simple tokens. Personalized and homemade gifts lend a meaningful presentation of their own — just add a bow or wrap in colored tulle or tissue paper.

Inspire a kitchen garden with one to three (stacked) terra cotta pots and packets of seeds. Or fill a glass jar with holiday candy or even the ingredients for a favorite recipe. You could also give a plate or tin of

your own homemade treats.

For close friends and family, give something they'll appreciate long after the season is over, like a DVD of home videos or an enlarged, framed photograph from a memorable time spent together.  

10. Thoughtful sentiments. Say more with homemade greeting cards, post cards or gift tags. With a message that shows loved ones how much you care, your card may very well be the best gift of all.

11. Tangible traditions. Collect recipes from relatives and self-publish them in a cookbook through a site like Lulu.com. It makes a great gift idea for everyone who contributed — and even those who didn’t.

12.  Giving back. There is no better way to embody the spirit of the season than to give to those less fortunate, and nothing is more rewarding. Volunteer as a group to a local nonprofit, collect loose change for a good cause or encourage kids to donate unused toys to charity.

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