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    USA Door Decor

    Level of difficulty:  Intermediate

    USA Door Decor


    The perfect patriotic decor for your Memorial Day picnic.


    What You'll Need:

    • Crafter's Closet Adhesive Pearl Gems
    • Crafter's Closet Acrylic Paint Set
    • Crafter's Closet Paint Mixing Palette
    • Crafter's Closet Premium Paint Brushes
    • Crafter's Closet Hot Glue Gun
    • Crafter's Closet Hot Glue Sticks
    • Crafter's Closet Precision Scissors
    • Crafter's Closet White Puffy Paint
    • Crafter's Closet Blue Puffy Paint
    • Crafter's Closet Classic Glitter
    • Bamboo Trivet
    • Thin Painter's Tape
    • White Spray Paint
    • White Nylon Rope
    • Pencil

    Let's Do This!

    Spray paint cutouts


    Step 1:

    1. Spray paint the bamboo trivet and the letter ‘U’ white. Let dry.
    Paint stripes


    Step 2:

    1. Take the painters tape and apply in between the open slots of the trivet.
    2. Paint the exposed white with red acrylic paint. Let dry.
    3. Carefully remove tape. If you need to touch up and red or white paint, do so now.
    Painting U shape blue


    Step 3:

    1. Cut out and trace randomly placed star shapes.
    2. Paint the ‘U’ blue, leaving the stars white.
    3. While the paint is still wet, top with glitter.
    4. Using the blue puffy paint, outline each star shape.
    Paint S and A shapes red


    Step 4:

    1. Paint the letters ‘S’ and ‘A’ with red paint. Let dry.
    2. Apply adhesive pearls along the right edges of each letter.
    3. Outline both letters with blue puffy paint.
    4. Add details by adding dots of white and blue puffy paint. Let dry.
    Hot glue rope


    Step 5:

    1. Begin gluing the nylon rope around the edge of the trivet with hot glue.
    2. As you make your second pass, be sure to leave a bit of the rope loose at the top center as a way to hang the piece when it’s finished.
    Glue on letters


    Step 6:

    1. Hot glue the finished letters to the trivet in a diagonal from top left to bottom right.

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