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    How to Select Hair Color

    There are three major things to consider when selecting the perfect hair color.

    1. Your natural hair color (Black/Dark Brown, Medium Brown or Light Brown)
    2. Your skin tone (warm or cool)
    3. Your desired hair color (color you want to be)


    When looking at the color on the box generally the models natural color was a medium brown to begin with, so if your hair is naturally dark brown or black, then you can expect final results to be slightly darker than box but same tone (golden, coppery, neutral, etc.). If you’re natural hair color is lighter than medium brown, your results will look like the box but with more of the tone shining through.


    When deciding what hair color to pick, always start by looking at your skin tone in the mirror with hair pulled back off of face. Knowing whether you’re cool or warm will help you choose a flattering color. Do you have a warm glow or cool glow to your skin? You can easily decide by holding red paper (think Crayola) or material to your face:

    - If you think the red looks good against your skin chances are you’re warm skin tone.

    - If you feel the red clashes or you think a softer red would look better, then chances are you’re a cool skin tone.


    Next step is to decide how light you want to go with your color. Think when you walk into a room, do you want your hair color to Whisper, Talk or Shout:

    Whisper: pick a shade 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. This will give a very natural look.

    Talk: pick a shade 2-3 shades lighter than natural. This will give you a natural, but brightened-up look.

    Shout: pick a shade 3 or more shades lighter than natural. This will give you beautiful vibrant hue.

    Now that you have your level (darkness or lightness of color), use your skin tone to choose the shade:

    - Best shades for warm skin tones: rich browns, red, coppers and golden shades.

    - Best shades for cool skin tones: neutral/cool browns, mochas, chestnuts and burgundy shades.

    You’re all set. Keep it colorful!

    For more tips, tricks and advice follow @official_darkandlovely on Instagram #wearedarkandlovely

    Article provided by Dark and Lovely

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