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    Beauty Secret Tips

    Beauty Secret

    Make it a habit to shampoo and repeat. First brush hair before jumping in the shower, and then shampoo twice. The first shampoo lifts dirt, while the second time around cleanses for a perfect wash.

    Beauty Secret

    To prevent dryness and damage, let hair air dry until it’s slightly damp before bringing in the blow-dryer.

    Beauty Secret

    TLC. Boost the overall strength and condition of your hair with good eating habits, regular sleep and an at-home conditioning treatment once a week.

    Beauty Secret for Color Fade

    Wet hair with clean tap water before hitting the pool. When saturated, hair is too full to absorb chlorinated water, which can strip color. Rinse ASAP after swimming and apply leave-in conditioner.

    Celebrity Stylist Tips for High-Volume Hair

    1. How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

    Try to go every other day without shampooing, though if hair needs to be rinsed or just conditioned on a daily basis, that’s OK.

    2. Is There Any Disadvantage to Washing Your Hair Daily?

    Your hair tends to get used to being washed on a daily basis and could start to produce more oils and, in turn, feel greasier faster. I do believe if you go from daily washes to at least every other day, your hair will adjust to that schedule and you may find [the daily wash isn’t] necessary. Hair can also dry out from being washed daily. Using a sulfate-free shampoo helps ensure you aren't over washing — starting in the shower.

    3. What’s the Deal With Conditioner? Should You Use It All Over?

    Typically, every time hair is washed, it should be conditioned in my opinion. For fine hair that is dry, use a moisturizing conditioner and apply it to the ends only. In the shower, comb the conditioner through, starting mid-length, and then rinse it out.

    4. What’s the Best Way to Style for Volume? Air-Dry, Blow-Dry, Combo?

    Overstyling the hair can cause it to fall flat. Allow hair to air-dry at least 50 percent, then rough-dry the rest. It’s best to set the hair dryer on medium power and flip your head upside down for a few seconds while drying. Once hair is 90 percent dry, styling with a round brush will create a more polished look.

    5. What Should You Know Before You Attempt to Use Texturizing and Volumizing Products?

    It's best to not use products that will weigh too heavy on the hair. Try thickening shampoos and conditioners, which are specifically designed to give natural volume to hair. And when applying styling products to fine hair, it's best to err on the light side in terms of amount of product — more can always be added. Unless the product is specifically a root boost or mousse, it should be applied to the ends first, then worked into the rest of the hair, staying off the direct roots.

    5 Steps to Healthy Summer Hair

    Step 1: Deep Condition Before You Get in the Shower

    Coat your dry hair with your favorite conditioner (ours is Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner) and tuck your strands into a shower cap. Don't forget to bring this conditioner into the shower with you; you'll need it again in step five.

    Change up your deep-condition frequency based on your hair: If you have thicker strands, you'll benefit from doing this routine more often — even every day. Thin-haired gals can stick to one treatment per week. If your coif is color-treated, swap out regular conditioner for a color-treated variety like Advanced Haircare – Color Vibrancy Nourishing Conditioner. Also note that deep conditioning can cause color to fade, so to help extend the life of your color you may want to try a biweekly regimen.

    Step 2: Do Other Shower Stuff

    Shave. Soap up. Exfoliate. Basically, do anything except wash your hair for three to five minutes. While you're keeping busy, the shower cap-steamy air combo will let your strands soak up the conditioner.

    Step 3: Rinse

    This step seems pretty straightforward, but there are ways to fail at rinsing. Your shampoo can only do its job (to clean) if there is nothing in the way, like residual conditioner. You're ready to move on to step four when you can run your fingers through your hair, from scalp to root, and not feel any remnants of product. Your strands should be detangled, but should not feel filmy.

    Step 4: Double Up Your Shampoo

    Concentrate on your scalp where natural oils are being produced, and work your shampoo through the roots to create a base lather. Now, rewet your head and add a dollop more shampoo to build your lather. Choose a conditioner, and now it’s time to rinse thoroughly!

    Step 5: Re-condition

    Starting at roughly ear height, massage conditioner down to your ends. Then apply the same rinse technique as in step three.

    Article provided by Loreal

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