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Discount Batteries

Save money with discount batteries from Dollar General. It’s tough to find a device today that doesn’t have a battery, but at least with batteries from Dollar General you won’t have spend a mint. We stock a complete selection of discount batteries for everything from your boom box in your kitchen to the remote control next to the couch. Buy bulk batteries in common sizes like AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt and more. Be ready for the next unexpected surprise by stocking up on common battery sizes so that your family can enjoy using their new battery powered devices right away instead of having to run out to the store. Keep all of your devices powered up with discount batteries from Dollar General.

Discount Home Electronics

Families love electronics but they can get expensive! Thankfully Dollar General has discount home electronics like MP3 players, cameras and telephones for everyone. Gift-giving occasions like birthdays, graduations or even a great report card can pop up quickly and we have discount electronics that kids will love without busting your budget. Long road trips are another occasion when electronics can come in handy. Keep energetic kids occupied during the long hours between attractions with discount home electronics like a portable DVD player, a tablet PC or a CD player. When you’re looking for value-priced electronic devices, check out Dollar General first!

Small Electronics for the Home

Whether you need batteries for your remote control or an inexpensive video game for the kids, Dollar General has them! Portable DVD players, CD players and handheld video games all need power and we have a wide range of discount batteries to save time and money. Being caught without the correct type of battery can be disappointing and frustrating, so stock up on batteries to ensure that you’re not caught unprepared. We also have a selection of discount home electronics that everyone will appreciate. From telephones to video games, we have all sorts of items that everyone household need. Visit Dollar General to find discount batteries and electronics to keep you home powered up and having fun!