Pain Relief

Pain Relief
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OTC Pain Relievers 

Aches and pains are a part of everyday life, but with OTC pain relievers from Dollar General you can treat that pain affordably. We have a broad range of products that can effectively treat conditions like headaches, muscle pain, backaches and more. No matter if the condition was caused by stress or a simple accident, over the counter pain relievers are an effective way to eliminate discomfort and move on with your day. And for those that experience a minor twist or sprain, Dollar General has a set of simple OTC pain relievers like heating pads, cold packs and medicated patches. When you need a quick and inexpensive treatment option, look to Dollar General for over the counter pain relievers. 

Headache Cures 

Headaches can really disrupt a routine, so get your day back with OTC pain relievers from Dollar General. Life won’t stop for a headache, so we have a variety of medications meant to deliver fast relief to even the most stubborn pain. Choose from over the counter pain relievers from Tylenol, Bayer, Goody’s and more to move beyond discomfort to experience a pain-free day. And since a headache can begin at any time, we have smaller, portable packages that make carrying pain relievers much more convenient. Be ready for when the next headache strike with OTC pain relievers from Dollar General. 

Hot and Cold Packs 

Treating the pain associated with minor twists and sprains is easy with products from Dollar General. We have a variety of non-medicinal over the counter pain relievers like analgesic gels, medicated patches and more. For athletes that regularly deal with soreness, gels like Ben-Gay and Aspercreme are favorites for after a workout. And for those that need to work through the pain, medicated patches from Icy Hot offer relief even while moving. Find some relief from the pain with OTC pain relievers from Dollar General.