Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags
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Garbage Bags at Discount Prices

It doesn’t make sense to spend lots of money on garbage bags, so Dollar General stocks bulk garbage bags to save you money. Between meals and everyday living a household can generate a lot of debris and it pays to be ready when it’s time to take out the trash. No matter if you prefer trash bags with drawstrings, easy-tie flaps or just the generic variety, we have all styles to suit your needs.  We carry all sizes too; from 13 gallon kitchen trash bags to a larger 30 gallon options we have exactly what you need. Keep household messes under control with discount garbage bags from Dollar General.

Hefty Garbage Bags

If you’ve ever had a struggle with taking out the trash, Hefty garbage bags can make the job a lot easier. Too often trash cans get overloaded creating a potential mess for the household trash collector and Hefty garbage bags have features that everyone can appreciate. Cleaning the yard is difficult enough, but the larger 39 gallon bags minimize the work in collecting leaves after a routine cleanup.  Inside the home, Hefty Cinch Sak garbage bags make removal fast with easy-tie closures.  Take it easy on yourself with Hefty garbage bags from Dollar General.

Glad Garbage Bags

Sometimes generic trash bags just won’t cut it, so if you have a big mess pick up some Glad garbage bags from Dollar General. Cheap bags are thin and are quick to break when full, but Glad garbage bags Force Flex design is intended to hold it all together. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about food scraps generating an unpleased smell with Glad’s Odor Shield feature. Created to minimize odor, Glad garbage bags with Odor Shield help keep areas fresh and clean. When you need something more than simple trash bags, find Glad garbage bags at Dollar General.