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RC Toys For Boys and Girls

Kids love playing with remote control vehicles, so Dollar General stocks an assortment of inexpensive RC toys of all types. No matter whether they prefer cars, trucks or some other type of vehicle, kids enjoy toys that move and we have RC toys on hand sure to please. Whether your child gravitates to construction vehicles, or likes the lights and sounds of emergency vehicles, we have an assortment on hand to meet every preference. When you’re looking for RC toys at discount prices, visit

Toy Vehicles

Every child loves toy vehicles and Dollar General has an assortment of toy trucks and kids play cars. For younger children, we carry a number of larger, easy-to-handle vehicles that feature lights and sound that they’ll enjoy. Whether it’s emergency vehicles with sirens or motorized monster trucks, they’ll have fun all afternoon with these durable toy vehicles. Older kids often gravitate to the smaller die cast cars and Dollar General carries them too. Fun to play with and very portable, your son or daughter can always have a toy that fits in their pocket. Find the types of toy vehicles that children enjoy at Dollar General.

Kid’s Play Cars

Kids play cars and vehicles continue to be a favorite and Dollar General has them in stock. A favorite for almost a century, kid’s play cars have been a source of childhood fascination as smaller versions of everyday vehicles. Among the many different types of toy vehicles, Dollar General carries RC toys, die cast cars as well as larger vehicles to better fit little hands. In addition, we carry monster trucks, tanks, helicopters and all sort of other vehicles. Find your child a new favorite toy with kid’s play cars from Dollar General.