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Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

If you ever prepare meals at home you know how messy it can be, so Dollar General carries a wide range of kitchen cleaning supplies to help clean up the mess. No matter if you like to keep things tidy as you prepare your meal or you save cleanup for last, we have an assortment of liquid dish soap ready to help you tackle even the biggest kitchen messes. For those lucky enough to have a dishwasher, Dollar General also has a selection of dishwasher supplies including dishwasher detergent, dishwasher packs and rinse agents. When it’s time to clean up after preparing a meal, find all the kitchen cleaning supplies you need at Dollar General.

Liquid Dish Soap For Less

Cleaning your kitchen doesn't have to be difficult; simply get some liquid dish soap, add a little elbow grease and it’ll be clean in no time. One of the most useful kitchen cleaning supplies around, liquid soap can be used to clean just about everything and since we have it in bulk you can save money too. During and after meals liquid dish soap plays an important part in cleaning pots, pans and dishes. Moreover, when it’s time to clean surfaces, a soapy water solution is gentle to surfaces while still removing dirt and bacteria. Save money and time in kitchen cleanup with liquid dish soap from Dollar General.