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Cleaning Tools

When it’s time to clean up a mess, find the cleaning tools you need from Dollar General. Minor disasters can occur at almost any time, so make it easy on yourself by stocking up on cleaning tools and supplies that can be available at a moment’s notice. Spills happen every day and household sponges not only help you quickly pick up the spill, but also clean the surrounding area. For floors, we have specialty cleaning tools like wet wipes from brands such as Swiffer and DG Home. Keep your home, business or classroom clean with cleaning tools from Dollar General.

Household Sponges For Less

Whether it’s cleaning up after the kids or around the house, household sponges from Dollar General make it quick and easy. Useful in wiping down surfaces or doing the dishes, they can be used in many other ways too. As soap savers household sponges can absorb moisture and limit the usage of a bar of soap. Cleaning sponges can also be used to loosen wallpaper, remove scuff marks from stairs and deodorized food containers. Whatever the need, household sponges can do a lot more than just the dishes and you can find them at Dollar General.