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Foot Care Products

Taking care of your feet does not have to be expensive with foot care products from Dollar General. We have broad selection of orthotic foot inserts, creams and treatments at discount prices that will make your feet comfortable and your wallet happy. Being on your feet all day can really get uncomfortable, but we have foot insoles that will reduce fatigue and keep a spring in your step. And for those with common conditions like athlete’s foot or corns, Dollar General has foot care products including creams and preparations to quickly treat the problem. Whatever the condition, you can find discount foot care products from Dollar General.

Foot Inserts

Everyone's feet are different and Dollar General carries an assortment of foot inserts and insoles to maximize your everyday comfort. Since constantly being on your feet can be tiring, we offer foot inserts by Dr. Scholl’s and Rexall to keep you relaxed. Using materials like massaging gel and foam, these products are easy to use and provide welcome relief for busy people of all types. For those whose feet routinely perspire, we stock foot inserts like Odor Eaters that not only increase comfort, but also eliminate odor. So when you need foot care products to meet your individual needs, visit

Orthotics and Foot Insoles

Finding the perfectly comfortable shoe can be difficult, but Dollar General has foot insoles and orthotics that can customize the fit of almost any shoe. Offering support and distributing pressure, these foot care products are a favorite for people that are constantly on their feet. Better yet, foot insoles are easy to use and can be adjusted to fit shoes ranging from combat boots to patent leather pumps. So if you’re looking to increase the comfort of your shoes no matter the type, visit Dollar General to find foot insoles and inserts today.