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Children’s Cough Medicine

Kids get ill frequently and Dollar General has a wide selection of children’s cough medicine on hand to help your child feel better right away. For the flu we have children’s cold medicine like cough syrup, electrolyte solution and Tylenol that’ll help treat your child’s symptoms and let them rest. Allergies are another cause of discomfort and we stock a full line of children’s cough medicine to offer some relief from the itchy eyes and congestion that occur so frequently. Be prepared for any illness with medications for children from Dollar General.

Children’s Allergy Medicine For Less

Nobody wants their child to be uncomfortable, so when kids are experiencing symptoms from a common cold, flu, or virus, come to Dollar General for find children’s allergy medicine. Feeling poorly can make kids fussy and parents anxious, which is why we carry a range of liquid pain relievers and decongestants to help everyone feel better. Children’s ibuprofen, electrolyte beverages and Tylenol are favorites for younger children, while older kids often prefer oral children’s cough medicine. If you have a child that’s feeling under the weather, come to Dollar General to find children’s Allergy medicine at discount prices.

Help Your Infant Feel Better

No matter whether your infant is experiencing a cold, a mild fever or teething discomfort, having children’s cough medicine on-hand can make all the difference in the world. Whether you’re trying to bring a fever under control with liquid Ibuprofen, eliminate teething pain with Orajel, or rehydrating with an electrolyte solution, we have everything you need to help your children feel better. Be prepared for the next illness with children’s allergy medicine from Dollar General.