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Calamine Lotion

Skin irritation happens to everyone, so Dollar General carries calamine lotion and itch relief creams for when the need arises. A traditional treatment for itchy skin, calamine lotion is routinely used for treating irritated areas that have been exposed to plants like poison ivy, oak and sumac. A favorite itch relief product of mothers everywhere, it’s easy to apply and reduces the itchiness to speed the healing process. Better yet, calamine lotion can be used to calm the reactions to a wide range of other plants found in the forest as well as the back yard. Be prepared for your next encounter with an irritating plant with the purchase of some calamine lotion from Dollar General.

Anti Itch Cream

Every day life can get kinda itchy and Dollar General is here to help with a selection of anti itch cream. Certainly contact with poisonous plants can cause irritation, but sensitivity to household soaps and cleaners make keeping an itch relief product nearby a necessity. People prone to allergic reactions also understand the convenience of having a supply of anti itch cream on hand too. Jewelry, fragrances, cosmetics and rubber can all create uncomfortable conditions that make itch relief products mandatory. Minimize discomfort with anti itch cream from Dollar General.

Discount Itch Relief Products

The only thing that worse that a bad rash is the cost to treat it, so get some itch relief from Dollar General. We have an assortment of products and lotions to calm inflamed areas and restore comfort. A favorite of households everywhere, calamine lotion can be used to treat everything from sunburn to exposure to poison oak. Moreover, Dollar General carries discount anti itch cream from manufacturers like Cortisone 10, Gold Bond, Rexall and more. Get a break from costly cures with itch relief products from Dollar General.