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Lawn and Garden Care

Discount Garden Supply

Keep your lawn and garden looking good on a budget with discount garden supply from Dollar General. Maintaining a landscape can require all sorts of expensive garden supplies and gardening equipment, but we carry a selection basic garden tools at value prices. Keep your lawn well hydrated with an easy-to-use water hose and find basic gardening equipment will help you maintain your flower beds easily. And for those pesky bugs, we have portable pumps with misting nozzles to keep the insect population under control. Keep your garden under control with Dollar General, your discount garden supply store.

Garden Hoses and More

At Dollar General you won’t suffer from sticker shock when searching for garden hoses and related supplies. We have a wide range of economically conservative garden hoses, spray nozzles and garden sprinklers ready to help you make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Every home needs a water hose and we have a number of discount garden hoses that are ready to help you keep your environment lush and green. No matter whether you water every day or just occasionally, you can rest assured that you won’t spend too much. When you hear your landscape crying out for moisture, visit Dollar General for watering supplies like garden hoses, sprinklers, misting nozzles and more.

Garden Tools for Basic Needs

Why borrow your neighbor’s garden tools when Dollar General carries an assortment of affordable garden supplies ready to be taken home. Perhaps the most important tool in any gardener’s toolbox is a water hose and we have several discount garden hoses that will fit in anyone’s budget. Better yet, we have a number of accessories like garden sprinklers and misting nozzles that will help you get moisture to all the plants that need it the most. Find economical garden tools for your lawn and garden at Dollar General.