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Discount Packaging Tape

No matter if you'e a busy shipper or active gift giver, Dollar General sells packaging tape at discount prices. Whether wrapping packages for business or pleasure, everyone needs their parcel to get there in one piece and we have packaging tape from name brand manufacturers like Duck and Scotch that won't let you down. And while creating a durably wrapped package is important, so is appearance. We also have an assortment of invisible packaging tape great for wrapping gifts beautifully. No matter the purpose, Dollar General has packaging tape to meet all your needs.

Bulk Glue Sticks

Bulk glue sticks have long been popular with those that assemble paper-based projects and Dollar General has them. A critical ingredient to school art classes everywhere, bulk glue sticks are not only inexpensive but also offer a easy way to assemble projects quickly. Glue sticks are popular with scrapbookers too. Useful in almost every project, a supply of bulk glue sticks has always been considered necessary. Great for assembling a variety mixed media into creative presentations, they're handy and offer a great value. So when it's time to replenish your art supplies, you can find bulk glue sticks and Dollar General.