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Bulk Envelopes for Home and Office

Sending mail can be an expensive proposition unless you use bulk envelopes from Dollar General. We understand that homeowners and businesses alike want to save money and discount envelopes offer an opportunity to keep mailing costs low. As a result, Dollar General has differently sized mailers to meet any need. Whether paying a monthly utility bill or mailing invoices to clients, we have bulk envelopes to meet both your need and your budget. Find discount envelopes and more at Dollar General.

Discount Envelopes

For businesses that send a lot of mail, discount envelopes from Dollar General can save you money. Just a few cents per box can make a real difference, so when you’re sending hundreds of letters or packages bulk envelopes are a great idea. Available by the case, you’ll see the savings quickly add up! With products like clasp envelopes, padded mailers and security envelopes you're sure to find products that you use every day. And even though our bulk envelopes are inexpensive, they perform well too. Ensure that your message arrives safely while still saving tons of money with discount envelopes from Dollar General.