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Quick Fix Meals

The pace of life today can make it almost impossible to find time to eat, but Dollar General has an assortment of quick fix meals that’ll satisfy the whole family. Don’t go hungry when you can prepare quick meals or snack at a moment’s notice. Minimize effort by selecting a heat and serve meal such as one of Hormel’s Compleats, or prepare a satisfying snack using staples like tuna fish or Kraft Easy Mac. Alternatively you can select one of a number of easy home meals that just requires the addition of fresh meat and minimal cooking for a hot and tasty meal. When you need to eat quickly, Dollar General has quick fix meals that everyone will enjoy.

Easy Home Meals

No matter if you cook a lot or a little, Dollar General stocks supplies for easy home meals to give you a rest when needed. Work, school and other obligations have a habit of disrupting meal schedules, so we have all sorts of quick fix meals that can be prepared on a moment’s notice. From smaller snacks perfect for late at night to self-contained options, you’ll find all sorts of possibilities. And you can rest assured that we have plenty of products from name brands like Hormel, Betty Crocker, Kraft and more. Take a break from the work of cooking with easy home meals from Dollar General.

Fast Side Dishes

Good cooks regularly supplement their meals when pressed for time and you can save time with fast side dishes from Dollar General.  Whether you’re busy preparing other parts of a meal or simply running late, fast side dishes can help get the meal on the table without delay. Create a quick pasta salad as an appetizer or try a warm side of Mac ‘n Cheese to accompany your meal. Whatever you prefer, Dollar General has a variety of fast side dishes to make preparing a meal easier.