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Cat Flea Control

Your cat depends on you to protect them from the elements, disease, and parasites. Let your cat know how much you love them by guarding them against fleas & ticks with cat flea control systems from Dollar General. Most people think their indoor felines are free of the worries of fleas and pests which could not be more wrong. Flea control for cats – even ones that are strictly indoors – is crucial to their health and your family’s well-being. Fleas and flea larva can be cross transferred from your other pets that travel outside and even yourself! Don’t let your pet suffer needlessly and risk a potential infestation of your furniture, carpets, and mattresses. Avoid the costly need for chemical extermination that inconveniences you and exposes your family to harmful toxic chemicals by simply protecting your cats from ever getting fleas in the first place.

Flea Control for Cats

Flea control for cats is easy with safe squeeze on medicine from Dollar General. Our 3 month supply of squeeze on treatment is fragrance-free and harmless to your cats & family. For your outdoor cats we have flea collars that provide 24/7 pest repellant support for up to 6 months. We even have spray flea control for cats & kittens that will kill fleas and ticks on contact if you’ve already got a problem on your hands. Have a new kitten addition to your household? Start them off right with our flea & tick killer that also repels mosquitoes to make sure they grow up healthy and bug free. We carry Sergeant’s Silver – one of the best and most hypoallergenic lines of cat flea control treatment systems. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Prevent an infestation with flea control products from Dollar General.