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Cheap Dishes

Every home needs extra tableware and Dollar General has cheap dishes and utensils perfect for use during parties, special events and picnics. Meals can be served anywhere from a porch to a pool deck, so it only makes sense to use cheap plates to make your everyday dishware last. Parties are tough on you’re a household’s  china and a set of discount dishes will not only give you extra capacity, but also keep your good household tableware intact.  Furthermore it never hurts to have inexpensive platters and plastic dinnerware when taking items to a party or potluck. Expand and protect your collection of serveware with cheap dishes from Dollar General.

Cheap Plates

If you’ve ever had young children you understand the value of cheap plates and Dollar General has plenty in stock. Whether just learning to eat by themselves or feeling a bit high-spirited, kids damage dinnerware easily and a set of cheap dishes for their use can prevent an expensive lesson. Drops, spills and accidents happen all the time, so some low-cost plastic dishes are often a good investment. And since they’re inexpensive you don’t have to care if they ever get damaged! Save your money and sanity by stocking up on cheap plates from Dollar General.

Inexpensive Tableware

When you need basic eating utensils, Dollar General has inexpensive tableware perfect for any purpose. Perhaps you need to increase the number of eating utensils at a rental property, or maybe you just need a few more spoons at home, we have all sorts of inexpensive tableware including knives, forks and spoons. In addition, we have cheap dishes and plates which give you all the functionality you’ll need at home or away. If your selection of cutlery, dishes and plates needs replenishment, visit Dollar General for inexpensive tablewear to fit your needs.