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Be Prepared With All Purpose Cleaners

Life can sometimes get a little messy, so be prepared by stocking up on all purpose cleaners from Dollar General. Keeping the kitchen clean is often a constant battle and surface cleaners like Mr. Clean and Fabuloso make it easy to keep the entire room spotless. Great for counters, storage areas and food preparation areas, surface cleaners eliminate potentially harmful bacteria that could cause illness. And when you want glass surfaces and windows to shine, we have glass cleaners to eliminate surface dulling dirt. Whatever needs to be cleaned, find all purpose cleaners at Dollar General.

Save With Discount Cleaners From Dollar General

Whether you’re cleaning multiple office buildings or a single home, save money with discount cleaners from Dollar General. Available in case quantities, we have an assortment of all purpose cleaners ideal for almost any application. When cleaning furniture, surface cleaners like Orange Glo refresh wooden chairs, cabinets and pieces of all types. Since shiny surfaces need an entirely different product, glass cleaners eliminate contaminants that cause dirt build up on windows, mirrors and similar surfaces. And because it’s tough to anticipate what mess you’ll discover, a stock of affordable all purpose cleaners will keep you out of trouble. Stay clean and on budget with discount cleaners from Dollar General.

Surface Cleaners For Every Application

Homes attract dirt and grime, so keep your house clean inexpensively with surface cleaners from Dollar General. Floors are always a challenge, but with a selection of brand name cleaners like Pine-Sol and Totally Awesome, you’ll be able to tackle tough messes with ease. Great for reflective surfaces, glass cleaners can be used on an assortment of surfaces including plastic, stainless steel and glass. Since kitchens always can use additional cleaning, all purpose cleaners are used for everything from cleaning countertops to wiping down cabinets. When you want to find an assortment of discount cleaners, make Dollar General your first stop.