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Floor Care Products from Dollar General

Keep your floors and carpets tidy with floor care products from Dollar General. Homes can be busy places and floors attract dirt, so we carry a wide range of floor cleaning supplies ranging from carpet deodorizer to Swiffer refills to get your floors clean. Traffic, pets and spills can wreak havoc on carpets, but you’ll find products like 409, Woolite and Resolve carpet cleaner that make floor care easy. When you need inexpensive floor cleaning products, think Dollar General.

Laminate Floor Care Supplies

Eliminate accumulated film and dirt from your laminate floor with floor cleaning supplies from Dollar General. Today’s laminate floors are attractive, but to look their best you need to keep them clean and we have laminate floor care products to make it easy. Find Swiffer Dry Sweeping Refills, Wet Mop Refills, Wet Jet Cleaner and other floor cleaning supplies at discount prices. Better yet, you’ll find them all available individually or by the case. Keep your laminate flooring looking as clean as it was when installed with laminate floor care products from Dollar General.

Carpet Cleaning Products

Carpeting attracts stains and odors, but you can keep them under control with floor care products from Dollar General. Spills happen, but if you keep floor cleaning supplies like Woolite carpet cleaner and Formula 409 spot remover on-hand, you’re much more likely to prevent a stain from developing. And when your carpet develops a musty odor, carpet deodorizers like Love My Carpet are a quick and easy solution to freshening your floors. At Dollar General, find floor care products that’ll keep you ready in case of a spill.