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Cold Medicine

Getting sick is no fun, but Dollar General has cold remedies to help make you feel better fast. Sure, it’s always better to prevent the flu to begin with, but from a small case of the sniffles to a severe illness, we have cold medicine and pain relievers for every situation. Our assortment of lozenges and throat sprays are the perfect cure for sore throats that often accompany the common cold, while our OTC pain relievers can help minimize the misery that comes with the flu. And since Dollar General carries a wide range of cold remedies, we're sure to have something to treat your symptoms. When you need to feel better, find cold medicine at Dollar General.

Pain Relievers

Getting rest when you're sick is important so Dollar General stocks a selection of pain relievers and cold medicine to help you get through the night comfortably. For aches, fever and a sore throat, products like Vick's Nyquil and Alka Seltzer Plus can really be a lifesaver. Great for minimizing symptoms, these pain relievers allow you to get needed nighttime rest to help your body fight off a cold. And for waking hours, we have an assortment of products to help you feel better and get through the day. Feel better with cold remedies and pain relievers from Dollar General.

Brand Name OTC Cold Medicine

You don't have to settle for generics in place of brand name OTC cold medicine at Dollar General. We have a full assortment of discount over the counter cold medicine and pain relievers to keep you going no matter what. Find products like Delsym and Mucinex to help relieve congestion, while OTC cold medicine like Coricidin and Alka Seltzer Plus will help you overcome the typical symptoms from the common cold. We also have pain relievers from Vicks, Advil and Tylenol too. With brand name OTC cold medicine from Dollar General, you'll be able to overcome anything the common cold can throw at you.