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Top Mouthwash Brands

If youíd like to maintain good oral hygiene without spending a great deal of money, Dollar General has the mouthwash brands you want at the prices you need. Whether youíre simply getting ready for work or freshening up in anticipation of seeing someone special, we have breath freshener from brands like Listerine, Crest Pro Health, Scope and more. Donít feel that just because youíre on a budget you canít afford the best mouthwash brands; at Dollar General youíll find top quality products at discount prices.

Fresh Breath for Less

Fresh breath is important in making the right impression in business or social situations and Dollar General has an excellent selection of breath freshener for less. Plan ahead for any situation by selecting from among your favorite mouthwash brands to have a mouthwash ready when itís needed most. With discount prices like ours, you can afford to have one at home, at work and even in the car. Visit Dollar General to find breath freshener and mouthwash for less.

Improve Dental Health with Mouthwash

No dental health plan is complete without the use of a good mouthwash and Dollar General has your favorite mouthwash brands at value prices. Even diligent people can miss a spot when brushing their teeth and a good antiseptic mouthwash can help reduce bacteria that cause cavities and gingivitis. Perfect for use throughout the day, breath freshener from brands like Crest and DG Health will keep your mouth feeling and smelling clean. Find the best mouthwash brands while saving money at Dollar General.